Visit us
in skarsvåg

Visit us in the charming fishing village of Skarsvåg, renowned as the most Nordic fishing village in the world and the closest village to the iconic North Cape, Europe's most northern point.


From our main location in Skarsvåg we offer trips and expeditions to and around the majestic North Cape, Europe's northernmost point. Join us on a boat or car trip to this bucket list destination. Or join us in Skarsvåg, learn more about Norway's fishing culture and experience the taste of the Arctic.


A photographers paradise

Stunning rocky landscapes and captivating fjords create breathtaking views amidst the rugged beauty of the emerald, icy waters, filled with a diverse array of whale species, arctic birds, and playful seals.


Embark on an unforgettable boat excursion

Witness the awe-inspiring presence of magnificent ocean mammals like whales and seals but also be surrounded by a myriad of enchanting birds, including adorable puffins and the majestic sea eagle.


Skarsvåg experience center

Learn about our fishing culture by visiting the local fish factory or watching the fishermen return from their daily tours. At our Experience Center you can also meet the majestic King Crabs, one of the arctics most famous residents.


Frits Solvang Gallery

Admire the captivating photo gallery by award-winning photographer Frits Solvang showcasing the town of Skarsvåg in the 20th century. Explore a fascinating display of traditional fishing artifacts, providing insight into the heritage of the local fishermen.

Børnesveien 17A, 9763 Skarsvåg