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Terms & conditions – general leisure

All services provided by Æventyr AS (supplier) are provided to the customer on the following Terms & Conditions:


Bookings made through our online booking system and is binding for both parties once the customer receive the booking confirmation by email.


Our rates are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) including Norwegian taxes. Payment will be in NOK and is done when the booking is made.

Cancellation by customer

Cancellation must be sent by e-mail to Æventyr and must be confirmed by Æventyr with a cancellation confirmation before the cancellation can be fulfilled.

Cancellation terms

Single activities – cancellation must be done within 7 days prior to the activity or else the payment will be kept by Æventyr

Packages with Æventyr products including two or more activities (accommodation, activities, food):

Up to 21 days prior arrival: no cancellation fee

20-8 days prior to arrival: 50% refund

7-0 days prior to the arrival: no refund

Separate terms & conditions applies for group bookings (10 or more persons).

Cancellation by Supplier

Cancellations done by Supplier (Æventyr) may be done due to weather conditions and safety concerns for the guest. To the best of our abilities, an alternative experience will be offered, and this is optional to accept. If part of a package, a possible refund will only apply to the cancelled experience or service.

Quality and safety

The customer must inform Æventyr regarding any special needs (health etc.) that could affect the quality and safety of the product or experience.

Delays or necessary changes of itinerary

Æventyr AS is not responsible for accidents, damages, or delays if guest (individual traveler) is late for the scheduled start of a program, activity, accommodations, or other services i.e., force majeure. Æventyr reserve the right to change a program because of extreme weather conditions and/or force majeure.  

Force Majeure: Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions the supplier will not be liable or pay any compensation if our contractual obligations to you are affected by “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances”, meaning any event beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measure had been taken.  

Travel insurance:

We recommend all our guests to have their own travel insurance to cover unforeseen events outside the travel operator’s control. Such as for example (aviation strikes, delays, weather/road conditions, fire, missing deliveries, etc.) Æventyr has the right to cancel all or parts of the arrangement in the event of such circumstances. Æventyr will always strive to find alternative solutions within the financial framework and using the available accommodation and activity resources at the disposal of the Æventyr at any time.

Participant’s responsibility – safety instructions

Participants accept to follow safety instructions and orders given by Æventyr AS or co-operating partners during activities and experiences. Participants also confirm that he/she does not suffer from any illness that can be triggered by stress or extreme weather conditions.

For driving of snowmobile, the Norwegian Road Traffic Law is applicable. The driver must be above 18 years of age and hold a driver's license for car or snowmobile. Accepted alcohol level by the law is set to zero. The deductible in case of damage to the snowmobile is NOK 20 000,-.


If the Customer believes that there is a deficiency in the arrangement, this must be taken up with the Æventyr representative immediately. If the deficiency is not rectified and the Customer wishes to complain about the arrangement on returning home, a written statement of complaint must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the trip was completed.

If there is any legal disputes after the order has been made, it must be settled by Norwegian law in a Norwegian court of justice.

Alcohol & smoking

It is not accepted to bring or consume alcohol not bought at Æventyr. Smoking is only permitted at special places and not allowed inside any rooms or buildings.

Pets and animals

Are only allowed in rooms at Gargia Lodge and Skaidi Hotel, a cleaning fee of NOK 250 for one night and NOK 400 for several nights will be charged. Canyon Hotel does not allow any pets.